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Maximo v7.6 Product Document 

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance (10%)

The objectives of this section are:

  1. Explain the use of Master PMs
  2. Describe how to configure the various types of PMs
  3. Identify using Routes
  4. Describe how to generate and modify a PM forecast
  5. Describe how Condition Monitoring can be configured to generate work orders
  6. Describe time based and meter based PMs
  7. Apply job plan sequencing to PMs
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MaxAssist | Total Resource Management

MaxAssist: the only online training module designed for IBM Maximo® Highest Impact, BEST ROI, Lowest Cost, No-Risk Solution to Train and Assist Maximo Users MaxAssist is an integrated tutorial module designed for the world’s leading EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system – IBM Maximo®. Often, when organizations are first implementing Maximo, have a large amount of…Read More

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Maximo and LDAP – Configuration from Start to Finish (Asset Management)

Security is more important than ever, and securing applications is a priority to every company. Many clients ask for documentation on configuring Maximo for LDAP authentication. You end up having to review many different articles to address a single topic, so I’ve decided to lay out a basic LDAP configuration using WebSphere 7 and Maximo This will walk through connecting WebSphere to your domain right down to the synchronization process and hopefully give a more clear understanding of the configuration process. For the purpose of this blog were going to discuss this configuration with Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD or AD). However these steps can be applied with Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) as well.

Source: Maximo and LDAP – Configuration from Start to Finish (Asset Management)